Study of Architecture Abroad


ARCH 538




Summer 2023

ARCH 538M: Japan Study Abroad

Bill Pechet

A 20 day study abroad in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka studying both architecture and landscape architecture works of note. This study abroad will also explore ideas of navigation and space within dense urban conditions. 

ARCH 538V: Venice Biennale of Architecture Study Abroad

Matthew Soules

Architects Against Housing Alienation (AAHA) is a curatorial collective, newly-formed for the Venice Biennale of Architecture, with a mission to instigate an architectural movement to create socially, ecologically, and creatively empowering housing for all.

The Canada Council for the Arts has awarded AAHA the commission to represent Canada at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, from May 20 – November 2023. AAHA’s exhibition, Not For Sale!, will be an activist campaign for non-alienated housing that will occupy the Canada Pavilion in Venice, Italy. AAHA will transform the Canada Pavilion into a campaign headquarters for equitable housing that rejects this conception of property and the financialized form of architecture that it entails. Students from UBC SALA will spend three months at the Pavilion studying the housing crisis and architecture’s role in it.