Research Methods


ARCH 568




Research Methods introduces the basic components of good research design: sound methodologies supported by research strategies and tactics based on the review of appropriate literature and assessment of available data. In the course, you will produce a body of clearly conceived research with its accompanying strategies, tactics, and literature review.

Summer 2020

This course aims to introduce students to the diversity of architectural design research and unpack the components of effective and comprehensive design research. We will explore varied approaches to research founded on systemised rigour, clear and effective framing, and informed positioning within the existing discourse, whilst encouraging creativity and imagination. Students will be exposed to a variety of research methodologies utilised within the disciplines of architecture and landscape architecture, blurring the traditional boundaries between research and practice. During this course, students are encouraged to explore their research project ideas and experiment with different research methodologies pursuant to their topic of interest.

The course will be delivered via a combination of online lectures, guest presentations and reading discussion groups.  Students’ research ideas will progress through three assignments geared towards generating a robust research topic through a combination of visual and written outputs. These include identifying research opportunities stemming from students' own personal interest and designing a “banquet table” of practitioners and theorists working within that topic. The final assignment will further develop these research ideas into a written and visual dossier for your proposed topic addressing its hypothetical framing, discourse, methods and speculation.