Seminar: Design Media


ARCH 577





Summer 2022

ARCH 577B: Building | Information: Design and Production with Revit

Roy Cloutier

This eight-week intensive course pairs pragmatic training with a critical perspective, placing Building Information Management in the context of the broader historical and sociotechnical shifts in architectural production that it is precipitating. It couples the technical learning of an increasingly-widespread architectural design and representation tool, Autodesk Revit, with critical reflection on the use of Revit as a design medium, the analytic opportunities its use can provide, and the design approaches to which it is conducive. 

Fundamental techniques will be introduced through in-class exercises and workshops; simultaneously, these techniques will be applied through an ongoing, semester-long study of an exemplary precedent building. 

Pre-requisite: Design Media I and II or equivalent experience with 2D and/or 3D CAD software

Open to all students in SALA.

ARCH 577C: Exploring Grammars and Algorithms in Architecture at the Neighbourhood Scale

Thomas Gaudin

ARCH 577C is a computational design course that will explore the applications and creative misapplications of common digital workflows utilizing primarily but not solely Grasshopper.  

The course is roughly divided in to four topics: site modeling utilizing LIDAR and GIS data, parametric optimization and programs (the architectural kind), voxel based parametric design, and virtual representation.

Pre-requisite: Design Media I and II 

Open to all students in SALA.