Advanced Field Studies in Landscape Architecture


LARC 510




This series of courses are faculty-defined topically oriented courses in which the primary venue for the course is in the field. Topics range from studies of herbaceous plants to studies of the ecosystems of the lower mainland or coastal ecosystems of the Georgia Straight.

Summer 2022

LARC 510B: Herbaceous Plants in the Landscape

Douglas Justice

This 3-credit horticultural field course focuses on the characteristics of (primarily) herbaceous plants commonly used in the local landscape. Each plant is discussed with respect to correct naming and classification; size, form and texture; hardiness, origin and/or native ecology; foliage, flower and fruit characteristics; cultural and maintenance requirements, and appropriate uses in the landscape.
All classes are held out of doors, Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:30 to 5:30 p.m., June 6 to July 13. Plant walks will take place in the Botanical Garden and in Vancouver-area parks and gardens. Students must be able to attend both on-campus and off-campus plant walks. A course sketchbook is required and a take-home planting plan will be assigned toward the end of the course.
There are no prerequisites however students who have completed LARC 316 will be given priority.

LARC 510D: Tending / Attending

Erin Despard

This course will investigate the history, socio-cultural significance and politics of the work of tending, particularly—but not exclusively—in relation to landscape.

Through instruction that includes practical engagements with plants as well as readings and discussion, students will have the opportunity to explore the value of tending as a self-reflexive research method.

How can the work of tending plants help designers to read existing landscapes? And what difference might it make to think beyond plant “selection” in favour of a more collaborative approach—one in which plants are understood to have lives and the work of tending them is socially and culturally valued?  

Open to MArch, MLA, and Dual Degree.