Seminar: Special Topics


LARC 582




These advanced faculty-initiated seminars provide opportunities for students to conduct in-depth investigations of select topics in landscape architecture. The topics typically align with faculty’s current research.

Winter 2022

LARC 582K: Landscapes of Care
Sara Jacobs

This course explores the possibilities of care as affect, ethic, and practice in the context of landscapes. With increasing attention to inequities in labour, histories of erasure and exclusion, ongoing harms of colonization, and the uneven impacts of how climate change reshapes landscapes, care has come to describe hopeful possibilities for how landscapes are researched, maintained, and designed. Yet, care is not a simple solution to complex problems, and ‘work done in the name of care’ can also be used to legitimize and extend harmful, paternalistic relationships to land, people, and place.

Grounded in a spatial justice oriented framework that draws on critical race, gender, queer, and disability studies, this course explores how care alone is not a normative good thing but a way of thinking and acting shaped through and by specific relations. The first half of the term will be a deep exploration into the conditions that create the need for care, including racialized and gendered labour often made invisible within structures of capitalism, extractive material movements, ableist ideologies of social and ecological improvement, and fractured colonial relationships with land. The second part of the term will focus on countering these conditions by recentering personal and collective socio-ecological responsibility within practices of care that can bring futures of mutual flourishing into existence.

The course is organized from the perspective that learning is collaborative and relational. Class time will include discussion and workshops, and students should expect to engage in collective dialogue and learning with each other. Outside of class, students are expected to complete weekly readings, reflections, and a term-length creative research project that articulates one’s own approach and position toward landscapes of care.

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