Graduate degrees


Architecture examines built environments relative to artistic, technical, social, cultural, and political circumstances. Our graduates design locally and globally, and approach architectural practice and research with critical inquiry. The Master of Architecture is an accredited professional program and comprehensive foundation for prospective designers. The Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture targets individuals looking to expand the boundaries of the discipline through specialized research.

Landscape architecture

Landscape architecture investigates the design and stewardship of the land. Our graduates are conscious designers with a consideration for natural phenomena. They use design with public responsibility to produce resilient and purposeful landscapes. The Master of Landscape Architecture is an accredited professional program fostering designers of natural and urban terrains. The Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture targets individuals interested in further research and investigations of our environment.

Dual degree option

Our dual degree option is the first program of its kind in Canada. It offers the opportunity to pursue a Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture in just four years. Concerns with globalization and sustainable development require collaborative exchange between architects and landscape architects. Anticipating the need for interdisciplinary professionals, the dual degree option integrates the knowledge of architectural design with an understanding for the ecological factors of the environment.

Urban design

Urban design examines the management and design of our ever-changing cities through an investigation of urbanization, global economics, and advancing technologies. The Master of Urban Design degree is a post-professional program for future planners interested in advancing the scholarship and design innovation of urban metropolises.

PhD options

Although we do not offer PhD degrees, you do have the opportunity to pursue doctoral research through other academic units at UBC, including the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program and Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability.