What can I do with my degree?

Our Master of Architecture program prepares you to enter the world of practicing architects. Your degree is certified by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board, which is recognized in Canada, the US, and several other countries under the Canberra Accord. Each province has its own regulatory body for the architectural profession. In British Columbia, you must complete the Intern Architect Program to become eligible to register as a licenced architect with the AIBC.

How you practice architecture is up to you. Today’s firms range from small, one- or two-person teams to large multinational groups. The public and private sectors alike need architects to lead building projects with their creativity and technical knowledge. The Government of Canada predicts fair to strong growth across the country for the profession, with low levels of unemployment.

While the majority of our graduates have gone on to careers directly in architecture, that path is by no means the only one. Over the course of your studies here, you’ll gain invaluable skills in:

  • design and visualization
  • a variety of digital media tools
  • communication and presentations
  • project management and organization

There are a number of positions that benefit from an education in architecture. Some of our alumni have pursued:

  • community engagement
  • environmental consulting
  • sustainable building consulting
  • construction
  • public art
  • graphic design
  • planning
  • temporary infrastructure planning for sporting events
  • research management

You can also pursue further education through a post-professional degree program. Our Master of Urban Design and Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture programs are geared towards those who already have degrees in architecture and want to continue exploring the academic side of the field.