What can I do with my degree?

Our Bachelor of Environmental Design prepares you to take a number of routes into the design world. Your degree can be the first step towards earning your accreditation as an architect or landscape architect. In large numbers, our graduates go on to earn a professional degree at the graduate level. Your courses in architecture, landscape architecture, and environmental design are great preparation to continue your education in those fields. Your UBC degree is recognized across the world, and carries a reputation for strong design skills.

Continuing in a professional graduate program is far from your only option. Your experience in studio-based work and placemaking practice are integral to spatial design fields. Over the course of your studies here, you’ll gain invaluable skills in:

  • critical thinking
  • design and visualization
  • a variety of digital media tools
  • communication and presentations
  • project management and organization

There are a number of positions that benefit from an education in environmental design. These are some of the types of work that our alumni have pursued outside of architecture and landscape architecture:

  • building science
  • historical building restoration
  • planning
  • industrial design
  • set design
  • graphic design
  • furniture design and fabrication