Lecture series

As the only ongoing architecture and landscape architecture lecture series in Vancouver, the SALA Lecture Series makes an important contribution to the intellectual life of the city. The lectures allow for multiple perspectives on a range of issues, including design, technology, sustainability and professional leadership, and encourage a cross-fertilization of ideas and visions for the future. Your support helps us continue the conversation around the creation of built environments that support civil and sustainable living.


Spring 2022 event series

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To see listings for each lecture, visit our events page. All events are free or by donation, although some may be ticketed. 

Past speakers

Fall 2021

Derek Lee
Chad Manley
Dana Salama
Jennifer Cutbill
Bryce Rositch
Justin-Benjamin Taylor
Nina-Marie Lister
Zoe Florence
Michael Heeney
Jamie Nicholls
Dan Pearson

Spring 2021

Anuradha Mathur + Dilip da Cunha
Melissa Kirkpatrick
Vishaan Chakrabarti
Tom Leader
Bijoy Jain

Fall 2020

Mariam Kamara
Louisa Lim
Sampson Wong
An-My Lê
Iwan Baan
Fred Scott
Savinee Buranasulapin + Tom Dannecker
Anna Neimark
Vo Trong Nghia
Andrea Soto
Bryn Davidson
Walter Hood
Rahul Mehrotra

Spring 2020

Toshiko Mori
Patrick Mooney
Patrick Condon
Julia Jamrozik
Jeremy Kamal Hartley
Carla Yanni

Fall 2019

Gregory Henriquez
Mia Lehrer
Eitenne Zack
Andrew Pask
Carme Pigem
Larry Beasley
Katie McPherson
Isabel Kunigk
Teresa Moller
Julian Kendall + Graham Brewster
Vanessa Barr

Spring 2019

Adrian Phiffer
Anna Goodman
Katherine Jenkins
Matthew Seibert + Benjamin Wellington
Robert Lane
Omar Gandhi
Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz
Venelin Kokalov
Shauna Johnson

Lunchtime lectures

In addition to our formal lecture series, along with our student organizations, we also regularly coordinate informal lectures over the lunch hour. In these lectures, students, faculty members, prominent professionals passing through Vancouver, and local professionals have the opportunity to showcase projects and initiatives they are involved with.