The built environment is full of design problems. From products to cities, these problems don’t have “correct” answers, but rather a range of possible solutions. To tackle these design problems, we need to explore different ways of thinking. In ENDS 231, Thinking by Design, you will learn to approach open-ended problems through the lens of a designer.

In this course, you will explore the built environment through hands-on design projects. You will tackle each project in stages, from initial concept to final result, with interim reviews along the way. You will learn to communicate your ideas both orally and visually, as well as how to critically analyze the work of your classmates. Drawing from examples in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and product design, you will cultivate abstract thinking skills and increase your visual literacy.

You will meet twice a week: once for a lecture, and once in a smaller design tutorial. Students from all disciplines are invited to register, even if you have no prior design experience. There are no prerequisites for the course. ENDS 231 provides an excellent introduction to the ways of thinking and working used in our environmental design program. If you’re interested in applying to ENDS, or simply want to explore the world of design, ENDS 231 is for you.

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Interested in other environmental design courses? We have three more introductory courses you can register for: Measured Architectural Drafting, Architecture in Context, and Sustainability by Design. No matter how many you take, our ENDS courses will show you new ways of creating and exploring.