Drawing is an essential part of architecture and design. From site plans to detail diagrams, the visual representation of the built environment is a fundamental skill. The conventions of architectural drafting are a language understood across the practice. While digital methods are increasingly common, the culture of putting pencil to paper is still at the heart of these techniques.

ENDS 110, Measured Architectural Drafting, introduces you to the drawing techniques used in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. You will learn discipline-specific methods of visually communicating concepts and intent. With a focus on analog techniques, you will create plans, sections, and elevations in applied assignments. You will also be introduced to design critique, both through your in-class production and completed assignments. The skills developed in this course will be a strong base for further studies in design media.

The course is composed of lectures, labs, and workshops. Students from all disciplines are invited to register, and no prior drawing experience is required. If you’re considering applying to the ENDS program, or are looking to explore the fundamentals of architecture and design, ENDS 110 will build your skills. 

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(Sketch by Forgemind ArchiMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0.)