Health and Wellness Day

Nov 23, 2016

Giving students the opportunity to relax at a time when stress and anxiety can be high.

Health and Wellness Day

As deadlines approach, SALA students can relax at school during Health and Wellness Day. The festivities begin with complimentary waffles and smoothies. The food and drinks are a nice distraction for students. Julie, a Master of Architecture student, appreciates the atmosphere: “Just coming in in the morning and having music and smoothies helps take your mind off things. It’s the simple things that make a difference.”

Making a smoothy

The day’s events are a reminder that physical and mental health are important factors in student success. A couple of friendly dogs are available for students to relax with while they enjoy their smoothies. Brit, a Master of Architecture student, likes hanging out with the pooches: “It’s nice to know that once I get into the studio, there’s already something going on. It’s great having dogs around. Smoothies are great. Dogs are great.”

Students with dogs at the Health and Wellness Day

Throughout the day, fruit and other healthy snacks are made available to students. The studio is also a little busier on Health and Wellness Day as it’s B.Y.D.T.S.D. (Bring Your Dog to School Day) and students are encouraged to include their furry friends in the day’s activities. In the afternoon, flu shots are made available so students can stay healthy throughout the winter season.

Students at the Health and Wellness Day

In addition to the waffles, smoothies, snacks, and dogs, Maria and Ashley from the UBC Wellness Centre are available to speak with students. They offer support by providing healthy living tips and directing students to the mental and physical health resources on campus. “It’s our first year having a Graduate Wellness Team,” said Ashley. “Because graduates make up such a small part of the student population, they’re often forgotten.”

UBC Wellness Centre representatives

Health and Wellness Day serves as a reminder for all SALA students that their physical and mental health are important to maintain despite academic demands.