2017 Graduation Reception + Awards Ceremony

Jun 07, 2017

Recognizing the achievements of SALA’s graduating class of 2017

MLA student Taylor Boisjoli receives an award

On June 1, SALA’s 2017 graduating class of approximately 90 students gathered with friends, family, staff, and faculty in Allard Hall to celebrate their achievements. Director Ron Kellett’s opening remarks noted the school’s intention to do more to recognize the contributions being made to SALA. The awards ceremony carried this promise forward with two inaugural awards.

The first was the SALA Service Award that was given to Jeff Cutler to thank him for his ongoing contributions to the school. The second was the Applied Science Design Innovation Award, a faculty wide award that was given to Emily Rennalls (BEnD), Zachary Morris (BEnD), Henri Perouze (BEnD), Mark VandenDungen (MLA), Alyssa Brosch (MArch), and Chris Torres (MArch).

The next set of awards were given out to the 29 students graduating from the Bachelor of Environmental Design program. As Alexander Robertson-Mercer put it in his speech, they had come to the “end of ENDS as we know it.”

Of the graduating students from environmental design, Emily Rennalls won the Potential for Leadership Award, Shasha Wang won the Student Contribution Award, Chutipa June Shiengchin and Alexander Robertson-Mercer won the Design Excellence Award, and Bronwyn Austin won the Academic Excellence Award.

From landscape architecture’s graduating class, Dina Dudokh, David Stein, and Ivy Smith were awarded the Faculty Book Prizes. Tasha Sangha won the The Dr. John Wesley Neil Medal and Prize. The Durante Kreuk Prize, which recognizes the top graduating project, was awarded to Jaclyn Kaloczi. The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation Scholarship in Landscape Architecture was given to Taylor Boisjoli. And the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Award of Merit was given to Tamara Bonnemaison.

In her speech to fellow graduating Architecture students, Fiona Jones asked: “What is the most incredible thing you’ve learned on this incredible journey?” She then recounted the experiences of her fellow graduates, eliciting laughter, reflection, and applause from the audience.

From architecture’s graduating class: Emily Seider won the Henry Elder Prize. Both the Abraham Rogatnick Book Prize and Vaughn Berg Memorial Prize went to Qiongyu Neal Li. The John Gaitanakis Prize in Architecture was awarded to Sarah Burns. Roy Cloutier and Breanna Shae Mulhall won the Student Contribution Prize. The Merrick Architecture Graduating Prize and the American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Certificate were won by Sarah Takae Sako. Fiona Jones won the Alpha Rho Chi Medal. The Architectural Institute of British Columbia Medal was awarded to Jason Heinrich. Nicole Sylvia won the American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal. Finally, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Medal went to Roy Cloutier.

Congratulations to the award winners and SALA’s entire graduating class of 2017! For images from the reception and ceremony, visit our Facebook page