Making + Building @ SALA

Sep 07, 2018

New resource for fabrication launched

SALA has launched a new resource for design and fabrication at the school:

As physical making is a cornerstone of learning at SALA, the site acts as a hub for the resources within the school, on campus, and beyond. Video tutorials provide an overview of our digital and physical fabrication machines. Guides for the digital tools lay out the file setup, fees, and materials required for their use. The D-Constructed map highlights workshop locations across campus, and the glossary explains the types of making and equipment in these spaces. 

Visit the site

Led by Professor Blair Satterfield, this project was built with contributions from Lisa Kusaka, Alena Pavan, Samantha Hart, Sébastien Roy, Kara Verbeek, and Michael Barton. 

This website would not have been created without the help and support of the Teaching Learning Enhancement Fund Grant program. SALA offers its sincere thanks and gratitude to the TLEF program, its organizers, and the students of UBC who fund the program.