Our committees are responsible for portfolios across all aspects of the school, from academics to student life. Each year, committees establish priorities, implement projects, and host events to benefit the SALA community.  

SALA Council

The Council leads high-level visioning for the school and oversees school-wide affairs. Chairs advise and assist the Director on academic and administrative policies and initiatives of concern to the SALA community. The Council recommends agendas for SALA meetings and retreats.

Ron Kellett (Coordinator)
Blair Satterfield
Kees Lokman
Mari Fujita
Tamara Ross


The Curriculum Committee considers issues and initiatives germane to SALA’s academic programs and curricula. It recommends policies and practices related to teaching and curricula. It coordinates with Post-professional Programs Committee and related ad hoc committees.

Joe Dahmen (Chair)
John Bass
Susan Herrington
Matthew Soules
Theresa Juba
Andrew Diviney
Advising faculty:
Mari Fujita
Blair Satterfield
Greg Johnson
Kees Lokman

Academic infrastructure

The Academic Infrastructure Committee is an ad-hoc, project-based committee that considers issues and initiatives germane to the spaces, equipment and IT infrastructure that supports SALA academic programs. 

Robert Geyer (Chair
Graham Entwistle
Advising faculty: 
Mari Fujita
AnnaLisa Meyboom
Blair Satterfield
Matthew Soules

Student affairs

The Student Affairs Committee considers topics, issues and initiatives germane to the content and quality of student experience, recruitment, mentorships, and internships while at SALA. This committee recommends student and student-experience related policies, initiatives and practices and coordinates with related student groups and APSC as appropriate.

Tara Deans (Chair)
Greg Johnson


The Outreach Committee considers issues and initiatives germane to SALA’s interactions with external constituencies including SALA Alumni. This committee develops and manages lectures and exhibitions, advises the School on website and social media content, communications initiatives, policies and practices and consults on outreach opportunities with other School committees and academic programs.

Daniel Roehr (Chair)
Chris Macdonald
Sarah Klym
Emma Fennell

Post-professional degrees

Recommends policies and practices related to research and research-related academic programs.

Adam Rysanek (Coordinator)
Tijana Vujosevic
Cynthia Girling
Daljeet Meet

Equity, diversity, and inclusion

Engages SALA communities, researches and recommends policies, practices and initiatives aimed at creating a more equitable, diverse and inclusive SALA.

Sara Stevens (Chair winter term 1)
Tamara Ross (Chair winter term 2)
Sara Jacobs
Inge Roecker