Design + construction futures

Increasing integration of the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and the physical sciences are yielding new ideas and techniques for building construction and urban design. Digital fabrication and sustainable materials processing are reformulating not only the relationship between designers and engineers, but also the positive impact that designers can have on global environmental challenges. Similarly, computational and data-driven techniques for building simulation, modelling, and construction - topics that are increasingly impacted by innovation in the computer sciences - are also making it easier and cheaper to translate the raw creative expression of designers into built form. 

SALA Faculty working in the Design + Construction Futures research theme examine how these emerging technologies are allowing architects and planners to realize insightful forms and systems that better balance human, ecological, and economic conditions.


Parametric design; Novel materials; Sustainable materials processing; Digital fabrication; High-performance buildings; Design-building; Digital media; Reactivating waste materials; Building performance simulation