Our faculty believe it is critical that you come equipped to fully take advantage of the courses and content focused on digital media. You should work with the best available tools for your education. Therefore, we require you to purchase a laptop computer that can handle the advanced graphics and design applications we teach in our curriculum.

A correctly configured laptop can easily handle the majority of computing needs. And if you need more horsepower, you have access to a number of workstations on the studio floor. These machines are capable of handling larger files and more intensive computational tasks.

Appropriately configured laptops will cost around $3,500 depending on brand and specifications. Cheaper ones have entry-level processors and graphics, and are not capable of handling advanced 3D and CAD work.

What to look for in a laptop


Intel Core i7 Quad Core




256 GB or higher capacity solid state drive


Dedicated AMD or NVIDIA graphics with at least 2 GB of video memory

While we do our best to anticipate software and hardware requirements, we cannot guarantee that any given laptop will be adequate to address all computing needs throughout your progress through our curriculum.

We recommend that you add a three-year warranty with solid accidental damage coverage to your purchase. Laptops are more prone to damage, and repairs can be expensive. Reading the fine print is important. Some ADC policies could leave you out in the cold.