Die cutter


One KNK Maxx Air is located on the third floor of the Lasserre Studio space.


The die cutter is available for self-serve use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


There is no fee for use; however, you must take an orientation course first.


The die cutter works best with thin materials: paper, card stock, and thin plastics.

The KNK Air Maxx is a knife plotter and can cut intricate shapes in thin materials or score thicker ones. You can attach various drawing implements to it to combine marking, cutting, and scoring. You can also align it using printed registration marks to cut paper from a printer or plotter. The maximum width is 24 inches.

File Setup

Requirements for all files
  • You may use any .svg, .pdf, .ps, .eps, or .ai file.
  • Create a new file for digital output. You can easily do this by saving your file under a new name. Create a separate file for each job.
  • Delete everything that isn’t required.
  • Remove layers that aren’t required.
  • Ensure there are no duplicate lines.
  • Join all continuous line segments.
  • Ungroup everything.
In Illustrator
  • Scale the model to the size you want your output to be.
  • Set the Units to Inch.
  • Save As desired file type.
On the die cutter
  • Adhere your material to the proper cutting mat.
  • Align the presser feet with the bed rollers and place the cutting mat in the starting position.
  • Set the Blade Exposure to just barely over the thickness of your material
  • Use appropriate shims to set knife height: 0.10" for thin materials, 0.60" for thick ones.
  • Turn the machine on.
  • Use the arrow keys to position the knife at the lower right corner of your material.
  • Press the bullseye button to set this point as the origin.
  • Press the green button to go into online mode.
In Make The Cut!
  • For first-time setup, see the user’s manual.
  • Import the Illustrator file. Scale and rotate it as needed.
  • Click the “Cut Project With…” button and set the following variables:
    • Klick-N-Cut Model is KNK Maxx Air with a baud rate of 38,400
    • For Serial Port, see the user’s manual.
    • Check the Set Force and Speed checkbox.
    • Check the box that says Blade Offset.
    • Refer to the user’s manual for the remaining settings based on what material you wish to cut.
  • Press the Start button.
  • Monitor the job at all times. Do not leave it unattended.
  • When finished, remove your material from the cutting mat and clean it for the next user.
  • Retract the knife and put it and the holder back in the storage box.
  • Report concerns to the technician.
  • Record results in the log.
  • Clean up the area.