Current student employees


As you are a current UBC employee, you have a ‘Faculty and Staff’ or FASmail account. FASmail is the business email account to use for all official work at UBC. This helps to secure confidential and personal information for the University.

Some of you may have already created an account. If you have been rehired, your FASmail has automatically been reactivated. If you are a new employee or have not had a FASmail account before, one has now been automatically created for you. It is important that you login to this email account and check it regularly for important messages from the university.

  • For more information about your FASmail account including how to put FASmail on a mobile device, visit UBC IT's FASmail help page
  • You can log in to your account online at using your CWL. If unable to login, please go to and reset your password in order to gain access to FASmail.
  • If you are having difficulties with your FASmail account, please contact the IT Service Centre or your local IT support team.
  • Please note that if you are new employee, your email address should be your cwl login We are no longer setting up student employees with the @UBC or @SALA aliases. If you already have an alias account, you may continue to use it as long as your appointment is active. Note that your FASmail account will only be accessible while your appointment is active.

Please use this address for all correspondence between you, your supervisor, and student users (if applicable). The student users should not be asked to send service requests to personal email addresses.​

Employee ID

Be sure to link your employee ID to your cwl. You will then be able to view your pay statements, download your T4, and access the Faculty Service Centre.  Email if you need your pin number.

Visit the UBC self-service portal to link your cwl and employee ID. For more information and troubleshooting, visit the UBC HR site.


If you are ever asked to incur expenses on behalf of the course, email before proceeding with the purchase. It may be possible for the purchase to be made with our credit cards or vendor accounts. Students are never expected to incur expenses on behalf of SALA. Should this happen anyway, you may be reimbursed from petty cash as long as the expenses do not total more than $50. Otherwise, a payment will need to be requisitioned, which can take several weeks. Original detailed receipts are required for all claims.