Scholarships, grants, and awards

Awards and scholarships

We offer a number of award opportunities to our students. We assess prospective students for awards based on their application and notify them of any awards granted with their offer of admission. At the end of each semester, we distribute awards to continuing students based on their course work. And at a reception honouring our graduating students each year, we give out our graduating awards. These opportunities add up to over $195,000 in awards each year.

In addition to these faculty-recommended awards, UBC and other organizations are offering a variety of scholarship and award opportunities you can apply for


Grants allow us to support students who want to explore opportunities beyond their required course of study. Our faculty review each grant proposal and award funds on a first-come, first-served basis. Grants are available to our students for:


Graduate students presenting peer-reviewed papers are eligible for $500 in funding from UBC. We will match that funding with a $500 travel grant to pay for travel expenses or conference fees. We equally support undergraduate students presenting peer-reviewed papers with $500 for travel or conference fees.

Community projects

Students with a project proposal involving community outreach or partnerships may apply for a $1,500 grant. We will consider sums of up to $5,000 for exceptional initiatives.

UBC projects

Projects that collaborate with other units at UBC are eligible for a variety of grants across campus. Proposals can be submitted to both departments.


Student can submit course proposals that include a complete syllabus, a proposed timeframe, and a willing and qualified instructor (and their CV). The instructor does not have to be one of our faculty members. These courses are generally 3-credit electives. The course grant will be the instructor’s salary.