Student organizations

We have a long tradition of active student organizations. From Friday night Good Times to professional networking events, student organizations are central to the SALA community. Today, we have groups that represent the architecture, landscape architecture, and undergraduate design programs, as well as groups representing interests than span across programs.

Representatives from these groups, as well as from our post-professional programs, meet monthly as part of the student executive committee. Elections are held each year for a number of positions within each organization.


ARCHUS is a student-governed group in the Master of Architecture program. Their mission is to encourage connections between students, faculty, and industry through annual social, wellness, and academic events.


The Landscape Architecture Student Association is comprised of elected graduate students from both landscape architecture programs. It aims to improve student life by organizing social and educational events and offer academic opportunities. It also enables mentorship between students, faculty, and professionals, and advocates on behalf of students.


DESUS is an elected government that strives to help students quickly orient themselves within the Bachelor of Design program, optimize their level of education and achievement, and expand the resources and opportunities available to current and future students.


For A Feminist Architecture is a student-run organization seeking to engage and challenge the mono-cultural attitudes and conversations predominant in design practice and architectural education by uplifting the voices of all sexualities, abilities, and genders.


UBC NOMAS aims to serve as a student collective to advocate for diversity in design education and to create discussions in regards to equity and equality within the educational and professional architectural field, through promoting engagement with diverse perspectives, community involvement and fellowship, and professional development of its members.


ILANDS is a supportive and inclusive community for self-identifying Indigenous students at SALA (School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture). Our network fosters connections between Indigenous students creating a sense of belonging and peer support. Indigenous-led design is essential to decolonizing design practices and promoting cultural understanding within the fields of design.