Michelle Chan

LARC 503

In 2050, downtown Vancouver is a Biophilic Driverless island, such that all non-autonomous vehicles are banned. Within this zone, the shift in mobility reshuffles the hierarchy of street functions allowing for more space to green the urban fabric, creating more functional and pedestrian-friendly corridors. It is estimated that over the next 30 years, the West End will experience population growth of 7,000 to 10,000 residents. Hence, the project reflects what the west end needs to develop a complete community as the district grows and evolves. The Agri-link is a 6 block blue-green corridor which links commercial district, residential areas, and transit systems together generating pleasant public spaces. Proposed are three interventions which operate around the site. The first features run through the site in the form of bioswales to strategically divert the water into an aesthetical yet functional system. Secondly, urban agriculture is a sustainable liveable community which fosters interaction. The third features a Wetland park which houses the embedded hydraulic system which runs throughout the site which treats, filters and reuses rainwater.