Block2: a study of infill urbanism


Lanna FitzGerald

ARCH 520

Suburbia in Newton, Surrey can be characterized by large blocks, sprawling development and heavy car usage. In the urban core, it is easy to find yourself surrounded by expanse of parking lots and oversized shopping complexes. This project is about rethinking typical development in suburbia and exploring what happens if we respect and respond to the existing suburban fabric without tearing it all down for something new. The design focuses on breaking down the large suburban block into smaller blocks, repurposing the “developed” parking lot, and creating strong outside to inside connections. The building features a public pool, a variety of studios, workshops, retail, offices and working spaces to provide for a variety of needs within the community. The outdoor programming incorporates outdoor theatre space, skate and play parks, market space, and a pedestrian street. As Surrey is one of the fastest growing communities in the lower mainland, there will be an increasing need for flexible spaces and thoughtfully designed outdoor areas. Whether it be a place to host large family gatherings, to escape cramped living conditions at home, or for recreation, this community centre aims to provide the Newton community with a vibrant space to come together.