The Boardwalk


Jacob Camino and Joud Shawwa

DES 201

Located in Ron Basford Park on the edge of False Creek, The Boardwalk is a proposal that addresses issues of accessibility to and visibility of the water’s edge. This design studio project serves to address sea-level rise and create a design intervention incorporating the water’s edge, while accompanying a semester's worth of site analysis, research, and observation of False Creek. The Boardwalk increases access to the water’s edge through integrating ramps and floating docks that introduce programming on the water. Increasing visibility of the water and Ron Basford in general was an ultimate goal, addressed through creating distinct entrances and adding multiple access points to the water for proper circulation throughout the site. And finally, to respond to the rising sea-levels, 3 solutions were applied to mitigate sea-level rise: adapt, fortify, retreat. Adapt, by implementing buoyancy and introducing encapsulated dock-floats on the proposed structure. The device is fitted to infrastructure on land as well, so it floats when sea-levels inevitably rise. Fortify, by strengthening flora and fauna biodiversity with a habitat skirt. And finally Retreat, by heading upwards to a higher elevation that supports a range of active/passive programming, and a lookout surrounded by the larger False Creek area.