Breadth in Density


Grace Jiang

UDES 503

Ongoing sprawl in Mexico City produces a lot of interconnected issues, including a large area of informal settlement, uneven distribution of open spaces and amenities, disconnections between places of living and working, the rapid increase of impervious surfaces, and insufficient water distribution systems.

The study area is a typically promatic urban block. It is located in the Santa Anita Metro station area, which is on the east of Federal District and has been identified as a potential TOD area for densification and intensification of uses. Currently, this 3-hectare block does not have any internal circulation road and path. One-quarter of the buildings are 4 to 5 storey social housing and the rest are 1 to 3 storey informal settlement. The open areas are almost bared with less than 2% tree coverage and landscaped area. There are no designated public open spaces. Other than narrow streets, every inch of the land is behind passive walls.

The proposal focuses on developing spatial interventions for a robust and flexible urban block typology that responds to the needs and desires of the residents in the long term. Through an approach of combining renovation and redevelopment, this TOD block targets reasonable densification with a mixture of social housing and affordable market housing, productive and hierarchy public open spaces to foster social activities, friendly street interfaces to activate the street spaces for various uses, and effective storm water on-site collection and reuse.