Capturing Kits


Maryam Ahmadi Oloonabadi

UDES 503

The purpose of rezoning and developing the Safeway block is to create an integrated community, in a way that activates the neighbourhood through public realm, pedestrian connectivity and new desirable spaces; so that the block can serve as an active hub for the community. Given the retail nature of the 4th street, Safeway block will serve as a continuation of the pedestrian commercial corridor. By offering fine grain commercial store frontages and pedestrian connections through the site, the possibility to establish third places emerges to respond to surrounding communities. Furthermore, this project desires to increase the density of the block (FSR=3), enhance the affordability, and resolve the negative impacts of land assembly in the block. The approach is to reflect the parcel pattern of the street car era in the block for a stronger sense of human scale. Introducing the stacked parking model to the block helps avoiding underground structures and allow more affordability as well as employing reusable machinery. Residential portion of the block comprises of modular units that proposes a blend of affordable and market rate housing to empower the sense of community in the block. The units are customizable to mobilize the communication with the community and reflect their character and needs.