Contain and Release: An Agricultural Spectacle


Jesse Martyn

ARCH 540

This project seeks to engage the public with urban agriculture through the act of spectacle. The intention is to release all historical reference to containment within the livestock barn by demolishing all elements other than the remaining structure—a symbolic gesture that leaves an artifact as a reminder of what was. Transparent pods containing agricultural processes are inserted into the building creating a spectacle to see how these processes occur. All processes are visualized, pleasant or not. The remainder of the barn is open air for people to observe and take part in the spectacle. Processes are infilled between fixed programmes. The processes are constructed of 4 different sized pods that correspond to the spacing of the existing grid. These pods are on a track that has the ability for them to be re-arranged. This allows for variation in the arrangement and usage of the pods. The architecture is the backdrop for the performances within the space. The sky is just as important as the ground—it provides alternative views of the spectacle. The viewing lookouts observe the livestock spectacle from the sky, while they are part of the spectacle form the ground. The viewer is now on display as a process within the park itself—they are now part of the performance.