Mingjia Chen

ENDS 301

Inspired by the duality of shapes created by geometrically aligned tree shadows and organic shapes of green on the site, Crosswalks fuses elements on the site that are in contrast (form and material), and creates both a stop-by shelter and an urban social space that brings the residents and workers of the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood together.

By providing viewing platforms/hills at various locations across the site, Crosswalks creates a shared visual experience for the park users, no matter where they dwell on the site. By introducing the viewing interactions and connections between these vista points, people can look into not only the downtown skylines, but also the park itself. The idea is that instead of dedicating the park to the generic Vancouver views, Crosswalks presents itself as an attractive view that people can observe and enjoy.

Potential temporary programs that can occur on the site include but not limited to: Beer Festival, Concert, Community Market, Ice Skating, and Community Farming.