Crossway: Re-Envisioning the BCIT Campus


Jaclyn Kaloczi and Tasha Sangha

LARC 503

A proposal for the re-visioning of the BCIT campus, Crossway is visually and spatially interwoven through the site, pushing and pulling together the campus’ buildings and reconnecting the BCIT students and community.

The existing campus was largely comprised of concrete surfaces, dark corners and underused spaces. Neighbouring buildings shared no common ground, leaving the site feeling abandoned and forgotten.

As a solution, a series of linear, room-like spaces re-connect existing buildings on site, creating movement along the North-South axis. The rooms expand and contrast, laterally along the East-West axis welcoming flow across and throughout the site. Rooms range in width and size, hosting various programs including a flexible open space, outdoor library, terrace, and shaded tree grove. Masses of linear planting beds aesthetically connect the rooms while acting as visual, spatial, and sound buffers and subtly define open versus intimate areas.

A palette of evergreens unifies the planting beds, with surprises of colour in bloom at various times of the year. Planting and materials, such as paving, will aesthetically compliment the graphic linearity of the site, following the same geometries and patterns.

Environmentally, the site will collect, filter and utilize rain water within the planting beds. Selected plants will support both wet and dry conditions for Vancouver’s dynamic climate.

With the BCIT future development of the Blueway (daylighting a forgotten stream) and Greenway (a new green corridor along the North-South portion of the entire campus) Crossway will serve as a central hub for connection, movement, and collaboration.