A Farm in The City


Jerry Kuo

ARCH 520

The recreation of the Livestock Building at Hastings Park introduces an urban production and education farm to increase food security awareness by bringing the designation of agricultural land and food production back within the city boundaries. As a working farm, it will house dairy and egg laying production, and vertical farming. As an educational farm, it will have a farmer’s market, community resource centre, and interactive discovery zones. To better engage with and educate the local community, this project explores the concept of porosity at various scales. Porosity through the urban landscape creates a seamless transition between day-to-day commutes and agricultural crops and livestock to enhance farm life within an urban context. Porosity through a series of subtractive measures from the existing building to break down exclusivity and welcome inclusivity to the urban barnyard. Porosity through materiality and proportion to users, such as dairy cows, hens, crops, and humans, by configuring appropriate screen spacing and heights to accommodate for various modes of activity, rest, privacy, and engagement. Lastly, porosity through time, by honouring the dark historic past of the park and shining light on the continuous growth of life and pulse of the city by keeping and expanding the existing columns.