FOREST farm | School Entanglements


Daniel Mouret

ARCH 501

Through conceptualization of an outdoor farm school at UBC Farms, this proposal situates itself as a mediator within a web of entanglements. The farm and school draws inspiration from the forest's symbiotic relations, and seeks to accentuate self-initiative and exploration as drivers of educational growth. Composed of three distinct wings with an adaptive and open-interface, the design imagines a school reactive to seasonal bounds. A communal dining hall is aligned parallel to the farm road, serving both school and farmers market at ground, with a build-your-own playground and library elevated to eye-level with the second-growth. Perpendicular to the hall are two flanking wings of class-rooms with modular greenhouses, adaptive walkways, and modular floor plans. A permeable path binds the project, with the open-interface blurring the boundaries from within and without. Just as a child’s growth is predicated on interactions with the world around, so is the growth of the school, a place which changes, learns, and adapts as its occupants see fit.