Inhale Garden


Alex Williams

LARC 502

Currently safe consumption sites for illicit drug use, such as Insite, focus primarily on the reduction of harm associated with injection. While this has had a very positive impact, these services tend to lack facilities for the inhalation of illicit drugs. This comes as a surprise as the rate of overdose deaths from inhalation is similar to injection at 39% and 41% respectively in British Columbia. Therefore, Inhale Garden extends harm reduction services by creating a safe outdoor space for the consumption of drugs through inhalation. CRAB Park is uniquely situated close to existing harm reduction services in the Downtown Eastside while also offering respite from the urban environment. The design can be divided into two main restorative areas: social (bosque) and introspective (meadow and lookout). The social restoration area is designed to bring people together so they need not use alone and connects users to various social services that may be required. The introspective area encourages users to rest and reflect in a space that is outside of their everyday experience. The site as a whole acts as a landscape approach to addressing the complex issues of the overdose epidemic.