Just Add Water


Jackson Lindsay

ENDS 401

Located at the northwest tip of Richmond along the Fraser River, Terra Nova Rural Park has become an environmental refuge which has benefitted the area greatly though it still lacks a true centre through which the surrounding community may organize and grow. Just Add Water focuses on water’s ability to bring us together by creating a knot in the multiple paths which intersect along the Richmond Dyke Trail. The structure focuses on three types of interactions with the water: floating, flooding and holding it back. Each interaction manifests itself in a built form with a dynamic relationship between each of them caused by the changing tides.

Connection to the water has been very important to the development of the land throughout its history from early settlement through the cannery and fishing era. Presently, Terra Nova has lost this connection as the dyke has created a hard edge to the park with all activities situated within its boundary. Just Add Water uses the proposed community hub to reconnect with the river, allowing the park to merge with its surroundings.