The Kingsway Parkade Sequel


Camille Bianchi

ARCH 520

In a tightly packed block at Broadway and Kingsway, in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, there exists an easily overlooked parkade. Its thin slab and exaggerated angles make it an interesting example of concrete construction. This project is an attempt to preserve the character and history of the existing site in a neighbourhood undergoing rapid redevelopment.

The currently dark and dank lower level of the parkade is converted into a moss garden. The slab overhead is punctured to pull in more light, as well as allow for columns to be extruded, supporting additional levels of concrete slab above. Because of the thinness of the concrete slab, the built addition hugs adjacent buildings so that the program on these levels bleeds onto the rooftops of the block. The result is a multilevel, openair, public venue with space for formal and informal community gathering; space to plugin laptops and work; space for sun, shade, and rain cover; and space to exercise and shower.