Modern Maritime


Lee Patola and Katherine Co

ARCH 521

The site for this project is at the intersection of multiple communities: the residential waterfront neighbourhood to the South, the local museum and education community (with the Museum of Vancouver and the City of Vancouver Archives) to the East, and the surrounding Seawall, one of Vancouver’s most popular and extensive public outdoor spaces for the city. This proposal aims to create a museum that engages with all of these communities while reflecting the material and experiential specifics of the site. The project takes inspiration from the maritime fishing village, becoming a cluster of buildings spread out across the site and in close proximity to the water. The scheme produces a community of different uses and destinations, tethered together by their shared materiality, shipbuilding-inspired structure, and passive environmental control strategies. While physically and programmatically separate, each building - along with the outdoor spaces between them - works in service of the larger museum operation and experience. Ultimately, the project asks: how can a museum function as part of public life in the city?