Newton Town Centre: Retrofitting Public Space


Meredith Wilson, Sandra Puga

ARCH 520

The city of Surrey has built several state of the art community centres to keep up with its rapidly growing population. They are often very sustainable, passive, LEED certified etc; but the landscape often consists of a large parking lot, is entirely car dependent, and there is no connection to any urban fabric. And in no way do they address the issues associated with indefinite suburban sprawl. In Newton, the mayor has purchased a plot of land along King George Blvd with the intention of building another large community centre complex. In reality, 4 community buildings already exist across the street - a library, seniors centre, arena, and recreation centre. We challenge this idea of the perpetual need for something new and propose an adaptive reuse project for these existing buildings. At present, the landscape is almost entirely dedicated to parking and offers little to no outdoor public space. In our proposal we use these existing buildings as a framework, and establish a series of landscape 'rooms' with active edges that create a dialogue between inside and out.