Out of Site


Brontë Mutukistna

LARC 501

Increased globalization has resulted in a growing gap between the sites we visit and the original landscapes that have produced the materials we see on site today. Throughout the park, visitors walk on pristine asphalt paving, failing to recognize the far distant damaged landscape of oil sands that have enabled the paving to exist. Situated in Vancouver's Stanley Park, Out of Site looks at the materiality of the park's curated landscape, exposing the origins of its paving. This project aims to reconnect users with both the present site and its origin landscape, so that both places are forced to exist in conjunction. In doing so, the oil sand landscape is superimposed onto a pedestrian pathway sited below Stanley Park Road. The movement of oil as a physical element and it pervasive role in society is explored through the seepage of rainwater throughout the site. Rainwater is seen as both a symbolic and literal representation of oil through its materiality as a seeping form and role as a carrier of polluted stormwater runoff from vehicular transportation into streams and oceans.