Port-ism: Envision a New Model of Future Living Condition


Jacky Wah

UDES 503

Situated along Vancouver waterfront, adjacent to Gastown is a 110-acre cargo port terminal- Centrum Terminal. The port is chosen for the project to initiate an urban waterfront development. A framework plan sets out a 30-year vision to boldly proposed a new model of future living conditions for the next generation of growth while recognizing the importance of port terminals to the city. The project is guided by the following key design principles. 1. Create and support disaster-resilient community 2. Establish reasonable housing density 3. Engage and enhance waterfront edge While Vancouver located in a region where is susceptible to environmental impacts such as climate change and sea-level rise, using the port terminal, a city-owned land as leverage to initiate a sensitive conversation to suggest a landscape-driven waterfront development that specifically tailored for the City of Vancouver. Influenced by well-known water cities such as the Netherland and Rotterdam as case studies, a series of housing typologies (both on ground and water), waterfront public greenspaces, and cohesive circulation networks are represented in the project. Despite the ideas that were not “outside the box”, the ultimate goals for the project were to design a waterfront community that could adapt, accommodate and retreat in response to climate change and sea-level rise as well as growing population and relevant urban design issues we are facing today.