Prototypes for the Typical Vancouver Parcel


Aya Abdelfatah

UDES 502

Tackling the global, and local, issue of housing affordability this project proposal aims to offer an array of housing prototypes fitting within the typical Vancouver parcel. The area under study, Hastings-Sunrise Community, is considered a case study for the entire city of Vancouver, as well as globally. The main goal is to help engulf the influx of population growth, while still providing sustainable and affordable means of living to the residents. The prototype matrix, provides a range of unit numbers, unit size mixtures, and outdoor private and shared urban spaces per parcel. Being sensitive to the existing fabric, the project proposes an incremental strategy to introduce the additional density within the fabric of the city. The final result provides an inter-generational community that integrates different age groups and income levels within one integrated community. A community built on the symbiotic relation between the strata-owner and renters ensuring an affordable living space for all.