David Stein

Inspired by the British Columbia Electric Railroad gas tower that once stood on the shore of Northeast False Creek RADIUS seeks to re-imagine this industrial artifact as a pavilion that energizes the people of Vancouver by Uniting them under a common roof. This fun reflective structure shelters visitors from both rain and sun while capturing their imaginations with the Sky Portal, a 2.5 meter void in the top of the structure that frames the sky above. Once night falls the interior of the roof lights up, oscillating between saturated monochrome colours, allowing visitors to be transported by the magic above them.

The Coast Salish history of False Creek is embraced in the surrounding perennial gardens. Native flowers and grasses make up this drought tolerant meadow and provide brilliant seasonal blooms. A series of ‘picnic pod’ wooden benches are situated amongst the garden offering additional seating outside of the pavilion.

RADIUS looks to False Creek’s rich history, bringing together its Coast Salish roots and industrial heritage to create a monument to the cultural and ecological resilience of Vancouver.

This project won the Jury Award in the Symmetry Lighting LEA 2017 Competition, and the related People's Choice Award at the 2017 BCSLA Conference.