Reconnection, Broadway Hollywood Theatre Block


Wu Shiyu

UDES 503

The site is located in Kitsilano, Vancouver, and it is mainly comprised of low-rise commercial buildings. There are two major cultural building in the studied blocks: Hollywood Theater and St James Community Square. The W Broadway across the site, that separates the two sites from one another, is an arterial road and an important commercial street. The design placed different open spaces and distinct landscape nodes on the way from Hollywood Theater to St. James Community Square creating an implicit connection between the two buildings. Also, at the three intersections of the site, the gateway with artistic sense is designed and the "Hollywood Theater" "Community Square" and "St. James" are respectively marked. These three gates are illustrated by street lighting and form a continuous guide. Lighting makes the streets vibrant at night as well, and the colors and arrangement of the lights can change depending on the time and events going on.