Regenerative Urban Landscapes


Gayatri Manghat

UDES 503

In the field of urban design and city planning, with the inclination towards engineered structures as the obvious solution in the developing parts of the world, it is important that they do not follow the same mistakes that the developed countries have committed. As a young architect, I was exposed to unsustainable development patterns and solutions which we see now in the developed parts of the world that maybe human intervention is the main problem. I decided to do my project in such a way that there is minimal interference with the existing natural ecosystem other than to help revive it. The intent of the project was to create an urban ecosystem, to not just restore, but also to regenerate the degraded natural ecosystem and ameliorate it to the point where we provide a net positive result, incorporating human awareness, growth and resiliency with the appropriate use of land with it. The site I chose was the riverfront land on the south of SE Marine Drive, sandwiched between Fraser Street and Victoria Street. I made use of techniques such as providing breakwaters, sponge parks, large bio-swales to provide a more soft and natural edge to the water.