Retail therapy: A feast for the senses


Vivian Lim

ARCH 520

The studied site, Robson Village, a three-blocks commercial street in the heart of Vancouver is a falling victim to many vacant stores due to high rents, changing retail activities, lack of social spaces, etc. Stemming from a collaborative urban master plan that aims to achieve a 24-hours inclusive place, the proposal focuses on cultivating the various found activities other than shopping; eating, chilling, interacting, observing, studying, playing, etc; as well as to provide for a sustainable use of site. The newly proposed programs include rentable classrooms, flagship stores, late night restaurants, bars, co-working spaces, flexible workshop, and a rooftop terraced outdoor green space. The programs are arranged in ways to allow for constant engagements between the different uses and a rich display of activities on site. 

A Feast For The Senses is an extension project from the master plan to achieve for a rather dynamic interactive place with inviting atmospheric qualities. The approach concentrates on spatial interventions that aim to provide for a diverse salutary effects that are essential for a refined retail therapy session. The project goal is to provide for a new all-encompassing retail experience; shopping or not, outdoor or not, paying customer or not; there are always something to do for everyone.