Robson Basin


Kendra Scanlon

LARC 501

Our relationship with stormwater is estranged. We take every measure to protect our body and rid our streets from precipitation. What impact does our separation from the hydrological system have on our understanding of climate change. Situated on a 40x40m site in Vancouver’s West End that has remained undeveloped for over 40 years, this project attempts to establish a human connection to rain alongside integrated stormwater management practices. Can we remember a time when we connected to the rain? Can we help the earth remember? This design proposes a shared relationship between human enjoyment of the rain, and a prioritization of ecological function through the diversion, collection, and absorption of stormwater. Stormwater is channeled from the streets and sidewalks adjacent to the site, slowed by check dams, and absorbed by layers of aggregate in the basin. During heavy rain events, a berm at the north corner aids in retention. Humans are given the opportunity for shelter, accompanied by elements that encourage the watching, contemplation of, and interaction with rain.