Robson Library


June Lin

ARCH 500

Very little form on a very big site: exploring the interactions of site and form. Site: The northwest corner of Broughton and Robson, Vancouver. Area: 40m x 40m Requirements: 1. Select one site paradigm: Figure, Figure repeated, Void, Mat, and Edge. 2. Programs should include 13 smaller spaces(approximately 15m²), 3 larger spaces(approximately 80m²), 1 large space(approximately 200m²), loading bay for 2 service trucks, refuse and recycling area, parking for 300 bikes, services - washroom (at least one accessible), storage and mechanical, reception and lobby spaces, public circulation and gathering. The architectural form responds to the significantly sloped site both in its geometry and by lifting up the first floor counter to the slope to allow for free circulation into the public realm. Water flows at ground level through this public space and resonates the sloped site audibly throughout the project. The Robson library integrates a variety of 21st century library program including: learning space, meeting space, inspiration space, and performative space. Free entrances and open horizontal and vertical public spaces gather people in all directions and provide a fresh space in the dense high-rise forests and highly commercial Robson Street.