Sensory Loop


Carolyn Wu

LARC 504

Sensory Loop aims to be a physically, socially, and emotionally inviting space that enhances the existing site features and restores the natural ecologies of the former Prospect Lake Golf Course in Saanich, BC in a way that encourages inclusive and experiential play so that participants can strengthen their connections with self, others, and the environment. The first major design move that reflects this is to expand the wetland area and daylighting seasonal streams, making space for a small nook ideal for an outdoor classroom that's nested between three different ecologies and is excellent for auditory stimulation. The second design move involves replicating the steep rolling hills and putting a winding accessible path through them, connecting the wetland to the gathering hut atop the steep hill. Along the twists and turns of the oath, sensory pods with fragrant and edible plants surrounding them make way for rest spaces. The third design move involves building up an existing high point so that it provides a lookout point over the wetland. Building the high point up creates a narrow winding path with dense planting evoking feelings of being lost and going through tunnels. The last design move involves providing access to a rocky high point just left of the site with a loopy elevated walkway that creates pockets of space in which different types of play such as balancing, sliding, suspending, swinging and climbing. Overall, this project focuses on enhancing existing natural site features, and amplifying and replicating the emotional responses that they evoke, while connecting them with an accessible loop circulation path that encourages participants to explore to vats site at their own pace and comfort.