Hannah Roorda

ARCH 520

space: freed is primarily a mission to denounce the profession of architecture first and foremost as an instrument of capitalist power that imposes order and forces dogmatic behaviour and control over inhabitants. The project acts to critique the deterritorialization and decoding of typical development schemes that isolate and alienate populations. space:freed is a proposal for a transitional model, to fit within the current gridded, exclusionary city but transition towards the new world. The site becomes an investigation in the redefinition and dissolution of the role of the architect and celebration of the loss of control in design. The project’s goal is to enable not just the site itself but the rest of the city to redirect waste streams and to allow individuals to regain control of their labour and resources. space:freed proposes an alternative form of development, one that develops community and the built environment incrementally and simultaneously, negotiating hierarchies and power structures in a participatory, democratic system of control. This project is about these very human interactions and complex negotiations through which we define our place in the world. This project begs us all to participate, and one does not participate by following the process of change but by being part of its initiation.