Stripes: Layers of Highway 1


Olivia Daigneault Deschênes

LARC 504

This regional landscape studio takes place in the Fraser Canyon, in the interior of British Columbia. The studio explores the intersection of land, memory, and spirit of place. The journey takes place as a road trip along the Trans-Canada Highway (Route 1) and brings visitors to the Fraser Canyon, a forgotten place with powerful landscapes, heavy history and dying small towns.

The interventions emphasize the drastic change of scale between the natural landscapes and the towns that pace the journey along the highway. The interventions consist of dividing the landscape into chunks of layers, based on the locations of the towns Yale, Boston Bar, Lytton, Spences Bridge, and Aschroft.

The intersection between two chunks of layers is where the intervention is. At the core of the towns, a large-scale stripe is deployed into the landscape, following the natural topography and shaped with natural materials found on site. Each stripe engages the three actors of the journey – visitors, towns, and natural landscapes – into an interrelated experience. The stripes use the landscape to announce and reaffirm the presence of these towns in the Fraser Canyon, and also offer the opportunity to penetrate and connect with the landscape.