Surrey Spot


Huan Pan and Tian Tian

LARC 503

This project was the winning entry for the City of Surrey’s 2016 PARKit Design Challenge. PARKit transforms parts of parking lots and underutilized areas of the city into temporary pop-up parks with vibrant urban green spaces for people to gather, socialize, and enjoy. The site of the 2016 challenge was Surrey’s Central Skytrain Station.

Surrey Spot is an outdoor stage that references a small-scale theatre. The design is based on the “spot” idea and uses circles to soften the edges of the Skytrain columns, parking lot corners, and concrete areas. The circles appear in every element of the design including benches, piano, and the ground plane around the bar seats. A bench with metal poles can also be played like a xylophone that can accompany the piano. The project uses bright orange, yellow, and blue to create a colourful and inviting space for pedestrians.

The City of Surrey awarded Huan Pan and Tian Tian a $15,000 contract to construct and install the design. The pop-up park opened from July 20 to September 12, 2016.

Light sculpture designed and fabricated by David Stein and Carson Isenor.