a | typical


Zahra Asghari

ARCH 540

Inspired by the architecture of Seattle’s Pike Place, this project seeks to challenge the ordinary by playing with one’s perception of space and creating an atypical experience of the typical. The project was primarily developed in perspective, since the experience of the architecture was the main driver. This allowed for the focus to be on creating moments in the project that seem to defy one’s expectations of it through oblique angles and meandering paths. This strategy was further amplified by the irregularity of the existing parking garage, where a flat path can connect three floor plates together in section. The continued experience of these oblique moments makes the procession of the dweller and the bar customer essential to the project. The intent was to create two separate processions for these two characters that culminates in the bar. Each of these two strategies enhances the other - the change in what to expect from the space further invites the procession and the procession encourages the experience of the space. Together, they create an architecture that invites curiosity and exploration. This is a direct contrast to the existing conditions of the Sinking Ship Garage. This intervention in the building redefines the experience of garage by changing it from a “passing” to a “pause”.